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Anyone starting (or thinking about starting) Sept 20?


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I'm looking for a group to join. Or please jump on this thread if you're thinking about (re)starting tomorrow. I have not been able to stick with a full W30, so I'm going to need some help. Here are my non-scale reasons for doing the program. I don't want to focus solely on the weight loss.

  • My energy levels are extremely, extremely low. Way too low for someone younger than 85.
  • My digestive system is, um, not taking too kindly to the way I've been eating and drinking. This seems to be getting much worse as time goes on.  
  • There are things I want to do that I'm currently unable to do, or at least do without a ton of difficulty. To paraphrase another W30-er, I want my reality to finally match my vision of who I want to be. For example, I like participating in races and have recently discovered that I also like hiking. Each has been a constant struggle for me, and I want to move past that. I know my weight is a problem, but the food I eat and all of the alcohol I drink aren't helping my performance--or weight.
  • My concentration isn't great, and I don't feel as sharp or productive as I would like.


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