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Lauren Furia Stanfa

almond pumpkin faux jacks

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I'm about to start the whole 30 and I am trying to do research so I am fully prepared and do not fail once start. I was reading and she had a recipe for almond pumpkin faux jacks. I think I am having a hard time with the whole not paleofying old recipes. However, the ingredients (listed below) are all allowed and it is not as if there is any almond flour in there...I guess the word pancake should clue me in right?


one egg

one half can pumpkin

3 oz almond butter


vanilla nutmeg

oil for cooking

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Paleo-fied foods tend to be a banana peel for people doing a Whole30.

Melissa Joulwan is a rock star of the Whole30 world, but her work is broader than the Whole30. This is not good Whole30 food and something you should save for your post-Whole30 eating.

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