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Day 24--thinking of giving up coffee


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Is it possible to become more sensitive to coffee as your Whole 30 progresses?  I've been having 2-3 cups every morning, and I admit, sometimes a cup mid afternoon, and my sleep is completely screwed up.  Yesterday, for instance, I fell asleep at 7:30 and was up at midnight, wide awake. I'll go back to bed for some broken sleep until about six am. This really sucks! I know, having a coffee midday guarantees trouble--but it's a vicious circle, because I'm exhausted midday and need to keep going at work.

So I'm thinking of giving up the coffee entirely, and switching to a couple cups of green tea before twelve. I've attempted this before, and felt so sluggish didn't follow through. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Giving up caffeine sucks. There's not really a lot you can do about that. You could try stepping down gradually, tapering off the caffeine, which might help with the headaches and afternoon tiredness, or it might just prolong the process. I guess it depends if you're the type to rip a  band-aid off fast and endure a bit of pain, or try to do it slowly and hope for less pain.

Either way, drink plenty of water. Maybe try to start it on a Friday (or your Friday, if you don't work a typical M-F job) -- that would be just one work day to get through, and then you could spend the weekend taking it a little bit easier. Coffee can be an appetite suppressant, so don't be surprised if you're a bit hungrier when you stop drinking it.

For your midday exhaustion, can you get up and walk around at work? If you can get outside in the sunshine, that would probably be most helpful, but even just walking around the office, for instance to fill up your water bottle, or whatever excuse you can come up with. If nothing else, at least stand up and stretch. That should help you refocus without resorting to caffeine.

Also be sure you're doing what you can to get the best sleep you can -- see the tips in this article.

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