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My Whole 30 Physical and spiritual journey


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Around this time last year I felt the Lord call me to move to a new city to show Jesus to a group of friends I had in college. With that move came a new job, a new life style & new community. & with all the new came a lot of changes psychically, emotionally & socially. Some changes were amazing and some not so great. I've had the most fun days of my life and then I've had the hardest days all in a years time.  Lately I've craved a restart, feeling like a lot of those changes have set me back, rather than pushed me forward in my walk & my calling. Re listening to sermon by Lee Mcdermott during the Hunger Games series at Newspring Church (recommend every single give it a listen) I realized that needed to be started with taking steps to get back to where the Lord called me to be & working towards becoming a good gift. One of the things I felt pressed to work on was myself physically. And after talking with a few people (shout out to Morgan from work girl love you if you ever read this)  I felt like that first step towards that was Whole 30. & you guys  I would recommend this to anyone. It's about so much more than losing weight, it's about feeling better & understanding what we put in our bodies DOES matter. I've lost 19 lbs, but more than that I feel so much better and have energy like never before. My skins clearer, I'm sleeping longer & I am recognizing that my body is truly a temple. I have a lot farther to go, but these last 30 days have been an amazing restart & again guys if you're thinking about doing whole 30....DO IT. I promise you won't miss bread, dairy or sugar that much....I can't promise about the alcohol tho... i've read some of your blogs on here B)
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