Pumpkin pulled pork


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I made up a new recipe that turned out pretty well-Pumpkin Pulled Pork

We used the crockpot.  I bought about 4 lbs of pork roast, rubbed pumpkin pie spice all over them, sliced up a vadalia onion, and added a large can of pumpkin-salt & pepper... I let that go for the bulk of the day and about 2 hours before serving, added cubed butternut squash.  Tonight I had it over a sweet baked potato (yum)!

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On 9/27/2016 at 3:35 PM, PatriciaNY said:

The other day I made coconut shrimp.  Bought Jumbo shrimp all devained dredged it in egg, then coconut flour, then back into egg then in unsweetened (compliant) shredded organic coconut.  Sauteed it in coconut oil medium low heat and OMG how delish!!!'

I need to try this too!!

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