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STARTING TO RIDE MY OWN BIKE! No real issues with intros yet!?!?!?

Robin R.

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2 ½  weeks post Whole30.  I have reintroduced wine, rice, corn, gluten and dairy in that order.  The only issue at all was with processed corn.  I had cornflakes and 1 ½ hour later, I was hit with gastric distress.   I felt better so I had fresh corn on the cob that night for dinner.  No issues.   Hmm…

This weekend I was off with the cousins and I wanted to be able to relax on the Whole30 so I allowed myself some of the reintroduced foods.  I avoided corn, legumes, other non-gluten grains and soy.   I had wine, beer, gluten and dairy.  I had tequila in a margarita for the first time.  Not only did I not go wild with food, but I felt just fine the entire weekend!    There was an appetizer buffet at the hotel, then a breakfast buffet.  Normally I go a bit wild at buffets and fill up my plate.  At the appetizer buffet I had fresh veggies and a ranch dip.  At the breakfast buffet, I had a veggie and bacon omelet with cheese and  a fruit salad on the side.  I allowed myself milk in my coffee.   I love pastry and donuts but I was able resist them which is HUGE for me. 

I am very proud of myself for successfully making it through the weekend.  The Whole30 has taught me so much about food and my body.  I no longer feel the need to stuff myself with these unhealthier foods. At the same time, it felt darn good to be able to go away from home and lighten up on the Whole30 rules, although I still have some food groups to introduce.  I will wait 3 days before trying something else.

I seriously thought I would have some kind of a reaction to the dairy and gluten.  Pleasantly surprised that I did not, but at the same time, I am a bit concerned that it will be easier to add back into my diet on regular basis.   I plan to only relax when traveling, special occasions, holidays only, but stay W30 compliant for the rest of the time.  I like the way I feel on the W30 so need to be very mindful of that!  I also like the fact that my headache pain has lessened, I have more energy, Have cut my anxiety and sleep meds in half, and my cholesterol levels have dropped so dramatically! 

Thank you Whole30 for changing my life!


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