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Day 21. Unintentional Failure.


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Day 21. 

I knew sugar snap peas and snow peas were compliant, and while at dinner at my parents house last night (and then again for lunch leftovers today) I had regular green peas as a side, thinking same thing.  Only to read this morning, when looking up something else, that green peas are actually non-compliant. Damn it all to hell.

I know that technically I need to start over, and I've read the "Do I really need to start over?" post. 

But I absolutely cannot start over, guys. When I realized I messed up it actually sent me into a panic attack (of which I have not had since starting) because I was just saying this morning that I have quit or messed up every other single major change in my life. This is the biggest change I've ever made in my life and I have been so proud that I have, otherwise, been 100% completely and totally compliant. I came from a standard American Diet before this, and have not slipped or cheated once. I mean, I held my ground at a champagne and funfetti cake (from Momofuku milk bar nonetheless!) birthday party AND an Eagles game for god's sake. I can not mentally handle letting PEAS take me down. 

Yes. I know I have technically been taken down by peas. But I am not going to re-start Whole30 and I am okay in this decision for the following reason: Not only do I have just nine days left, BUT I have already decided and committed to living a Whole30 inspired lifestyle post Day 30. I have little to no desire to go back to eating the way I used to. I have another true Whole30 planned for November, and knowing what I know now, will absolutely nail it. 

Also, I have three weddings in October, including my brother's. It is not a good time for me to restart because, although I don't plan to pig out or get drunk at all, I also don't want to have to bring my own food. I want to enjoy the wedding while making health conscious choices. 

So that being said, I'm going to finish out my first Whole30 strong, and while technically I won't actually be completing a true whole 30 on October 5 (and this thought genuinely makes me want to cry), I made very positive steps in the right direction and have learned a ton about food and my body, and that's a win in my book every time. 

(Please no one judge me too hard!) 

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It happens :) a few years ago I did a round with my husband. He accidently, true accident, ate a chocolate chip cookie out of habit. It was eye opening for him just how thoughtless he could be about food. He didn't start over mostly because he was just supporting me.

Peas are non compliant but don't let it fling you off course. Food is food. Its not good or bad, its just food. And your right you will nail it in November

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i still think you did a whole 30. my heart started to break for you reading this post! it was unintentional, and come on, its still a vegetable (or a legume or whatever they are!) dont for one second beat yourself up or say you didnt do a whole30. its not like you poured sugar onto something and said "oh i thought i could have honey." youre awesome!

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This is me today. Day 16.

This week, I wanted leftover holiday chocolate. Didn't cave. I have a variety of craft beers in the basement that I got for a Christmas present. Haven't touched them. I'm foregoing half and half in my coffee every morning (and afternoon, some evenings). Hit the salad bar at lunch...

Poured half a spoonful of peas onto my salad before I remembered. Too late to put it back. I ate the salad.

I ate the peas.

I know myself. If I admit failure, I'll eat chocolate when I get home. I'll open a beer. I'll tell myself I'm starting over tomorrow.

But I won't.

I didn't do my first Whole30 perfectly, but then, I've never done anything perfectly. I do know I feel better, have more energy, and am eating delicious, healthy food. 

And today that included peas.

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This is me tonight. I am on Day 18 of my 3rd Whole30 and have been rocking it. I even attended a wedding rehearsal dinner and reception and stayed compliant.

Tonight, I ate at a restaurant with a group of friends. I had a plan because I had eaten there during my first round in 2015. Ordered a salad with only shredded chicken that I had been previously told was cooked in water, lettuce, guacamole, and pico de gallo. Yet here I sit an hour later with a bloated stomach and gas along with achey joints. I'm calling the restaurant tomorrow to double check on what I ate, but I know from experience dairy or a grain got in there somehow.

I'm so mad I could cry, and I can't extend into February because I can't AFFORD to have a huge grocery budget like this 2 months in a row. Now I'm worried this will throw off my results. 

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