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Day 1. Again. Is this the Groundhog Day movie again?

Chris S

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Restart. I have signed up for the whole30 daily emails, so today is a new Day Zero. A great place to center myself! Why am I doing this? 

1. I have IBS and want to find out how good I can feel off all grains and dairy. Keeping a food log during my re-introductions will be very helpful. Already I have found that carrageenan is my personal health arch-enemy. 

2. Self truth: My prevarications for sliding off-plan, when I am the one who will benefit, don't let me fool myself to better health. Cutting the crap out of my diet will help me to cut the lies out of my internal dialogues.

3. Inner peace: Anxiety and depression can be lessened by a good diet, so bring it, tiger blood!

I began #whole30 originally on Sept 1st, and have restarted many times since then. I can already feel the benefits of trying. Now I want the full package.

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