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1st October, 1st Whole30 in Australia, Aussie compliant foods?


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Starting my first whole30 after being essentially primal for 18 months but the last 6 months been super slack and all the grains and junk foods are back. 4 boys under 10 and my body is tanked, low thyroid, adrenal fatigue, depression symptoms due to depletion. Coffee and sugar are keeping me going again and I'm sick of feeling like rubbish.

Doing it essentially on my own, the kids will go along with most of the recipes and hubby with either eat what i cook or sort himself out. Does anyone have any Aussie specific hints for whole30 compliant foods? 

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Hi Perhaps if you're more specific to the area you live that might help. I'm from Perth and am 18 days into my 2nd whole 30 (have had 2 false starts between the two) and can give pointers on local suppliers/products that may not be available elsewhere   

Although nation wide available products, if you like Thai food Mae ploy make some compliant curry pastes (not all their range though) and Ayam coconut milk is compliant so that pairs nicely with the curry paste. I have found the woollies home brand tinned tomatoes good only having tomatoes and salt in it. Coles likewise the little tins of tomato paste is also compliant.

Even when not whole30ing I'll add a leg of lamb to my slow cooker with garlic, onion and a tin of tomatoes. When it's done I'll use my stick blender and make a sauce of what's left in the pan. Super tasty and is something you can set and forget. 

This round in haven't been too concerned with fancy ingredients to add to my meals. I don't miss condiments although bought macadamia oil to make Mayo. For the record I don't like any Mayo so it's sitting in the fridge. Most of my dinners this week have been a 1 pan masterpiece. Chicken marylands with veggies added in.  It's another one of my set and forget. An hour in the oven and hey presto my dinner will be in my belly sooner rather than later. 

Theres a specialty butcher in Perth that makes nitrate/sulfate/sugar free smoked chicken and bacon. You might be able to find somewhere locally by googling. There's also a thread in sourcing good food from Aussies throughout their whole 30 journeys. I have bought in a previous round some coconut aminos. They're OK. Wouldn't rave about it. I don't like sour things and I think they are more sour than salty. 

I have taken to going to an Asian wholesaler for my veggies as they are way cheaper than the supermarkets. I got 3 small iceberg lettuce for a dollar this weekend! My veggie bills for the last three weeks have been $65, 85 and 53. The bigger shop included oil and curry paste. Not bad. For the record I'm married with no kids and my husband is having the same dinners as me but nothing else. It's worth exploring as your veg intake will skyrocket and if you can get say bok choy for 80c instead of 3 bucks the why not. 

Now that the weather is warming up I've taken to making a smoked chicken, orange and pecan salad. Super tasty and I don't miss the fact that there is no fetta in my salads. It's just lettuce, orange segments, a few crushed pecans and shredded smoked chicken. I make a little dressing with olive oil, left over juice from segmenting the orange and salt and pepper. You can use normal grilled chicken breast if you can't find smoked.   

Are you on any social media? Pinterest is a good start for ideas for meals and things that your kids might eat so you're not having to make multiple meals. ThIs round I made a new Instagram account and I'm using it as a visual food diary. Generally not added lunches throughout the week as I don't want to be the weirdo at work who takes pictures of their own lunch they've brought in. Also I have been batch cooking my lunches and have been eating the same thing each lunch during the work week. If you want to check it out my insty profile is whole30withnikki 

best of luck! 

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