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I learn something new each time


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This was my third Whole30, and my SO's first. He was hesitant in joining me, but decided to go for it, knowing I'd be there to answer questions and support him. I had been suffering from a horrible IBS flare for about 2 months due to antibiotic use, and nothing else was helping, so Whole30 to the rescue. My SO has high blood pressure, gout, and some weight to lose. We're both 37 and fairly active, but diet always plays a big role.

We finished yesterday, although SO will do some reintroductions on a slow roll. His wins: no gout flares, BP went down 20 points, and he lost 10 lbs.

My wins: I lost about 3.5 lbs and a few inches. I wasn't trying to lose too much weight, so this was a good number for me. The biggest win was learning that I could cope with extremely difficult/stressful situations without the crutch of alcohol or sugar. In everyday life, I only have a couple of drinks a week, usually on the weekends. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't occasionally reach for a glass of wine after a particularly stressful day. During the last 30 days, I had my refrigerator break (on day 1, no less!) and lots of job stress (more than usual) which really tested me, but I used my non-food coping mechanisms, and made it through with zero slips.

I have been eating paleo/whole30-esque since my first round nearly 5 years ago, but now the SO is a believer. So happy to have this program in my life!

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@unlikelyadventurer Your mileage may vary, but I did things like leaning on friends and loved ones...talking about the stressful issues, realizing that those situations are temporary. Then reminding myself constantly of that fact. Going for walks, crafting, taking a hot Epsom salt bath, reading, or sometimes just curling up with my fuzzy blanket also worked depending on the situation. Basically, anything that could distract me from the thought that a handful of candy or a glass of wine would make it all better. Also, because I had prior experience with Whole30, I knew how those things would impact my digestion and overall wellbeing (alcohol triggers both my IBS, as well as some anxiety). In that case, reminding myself of the consequences of a slip also worked.

I learned a lot of coping mechanisms, because I had been to a pain psychologist for a chronic pain issue that was not resolved by physical therapy, and who wants to be on meds forever? Those same coping techniques tend to transfer to things other than pain!

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