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Cautiously Excited.. First Whole30 Day 3


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Hello new friends and support team. :)
I am today (Sept. 29, 2016) on day 3 of my first Whole30. I've been mostly Paleo for about 2 years or so, (before that vegan) ...but tend to eat whatever and drink way too much wine on the weekends. So I am frustrated (mostly with myself) and stalled and regaining some of the 30 lbs lost. The no alcohol part and the other aspects of this way of eating hopefully will engage a correction and a new trajectory of health in my life. I approach the Whole30 with little expectation as EVRY diet so far has come up short. Probably due to drinking wine on the weekends. Which led to eating more carbs, etc.... During the week I have been stellar... Weekends seeming to undo my weeks work. 
To name the last few... from most recent backward. The Warrior Diet, Bulletproof Diet, Ketogenic Diet HFLC, Intermittent fasting, Primal, And every combo of macronutrients possible on My fitness Pal whilst experimenting with the if it fits within my macros Diet!! All of these diets have great structures... although eating ketogenic with fasting most of the morning was most unpleasant. So, I am still trying to crack the food and nutrition code which will help me feel good, heal my arthritis (I am 57 years young) and lose about 20% more body fat and about 20 more lbs weight. 
I'm a nomadic artist traveling about in my 19' Hybrid Expandable RV. Retired and spending my days painting, doing yoga, biking, kayaking (weather pending). My guy and I are semi-full time travelers. 
Yoga has been huge for my healing. 
So we shall see. 
I am fully committed to at least the 30 days... fully compliant. 
I like that I can eat breakfast. Date night with my spouse will be my first hurdle this friday... no wine!!
As I have been in and out of sobriety for the last ten years with periods as long as almost 2 years sober.. I am hoping this will be the turning point.
It would be REALLY nice if I saw some changes. I think this would help with my motivation.
I am cautiously excited. 

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To add to the above...

Started reading It starts with food.... And based on the science I now realize that I've been doing all wrong. The descriptions regarding the "Four good food standards" are the best and most clearly written I have seen. As one who has gained weight on even a most severe Ketogenic diet... I can now see why. 

I am now EXCITED and looking forward to seeing how my body will shift...

hmmmm, maybe this will change my life....

weird... I seem to have 2 profiles

I am DisaART

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