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compliant ready made soup?


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Anyone know of a compliant ready made soup at the grocery store? I have nothing planned for dinner, Thursday is leftovers night. But I feel like I'm coming down with something and want soup. I have no oomph to cook, just kinda want to open a can and turn on the stove. Is there anything you know of?

I'm on day 27, and don't think not feeling well is a result of the W30, I've been feeling great. We have cooties going around the office, and I think that's what it may be.


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Here's the result of a quick google search of "Whole30 compliant soup". Unfortunately I don't think you're going to like the answer.  Categorically, unless you want to search for plain cartonned broth, there is no such thing as a compliant canned soup.


My favourite recipe when feeling under the weather and not desiring to spend too much time making soup is this Tom Kha Gai (thai coconut soup). If you have compliant broth and coconut milk and some spices, you're ready to go in under 10 minutes or so. 



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