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Day 31 (:


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Am proud to say I completed the program (:   it's funny because friends and family seemed to have been keeping track of the time better than me!  Now that it's over I've received invites for restaurants, drinks, etc (for "celebration" sake) but I have no interest whatsoever.

I am opting to extend my whole30 a bit longer because although I followed the rules 100%, I had not heeded the recommendations as thoroughly during the beginning of the month (that half of the program steadied itself in a bit later).  But I'm on a roll and sincerely happy (:

My NSVs compile a long list of improvements, but I'm short on time.

For stat-minded individuals:

8lbs down;

.75" off neck

.5" off each arm

1.5" off waist

1.25" off hips

.75" off each thigh

Started off with a fairly good body composition, but have been hearing more compliments about "glowing" & looking muscular.  When I started I was nursing a leg injury so didn't exercise much then and this past week I've been cooped up with a nasty head/chest cold.. so, also, little exercise.  Which surprised me since I'm a runner and borderline gym rat so I got concerned that eating (what felt like) so much and exerting so little would derail me.  But nope!

Best of luck to everyone on their journey.  And anyone considering it: take the plunge!  30 days will pass by before you know it

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Congrats! Your story has inspired me, as I chug through day 4!

On day 1, my back started hurting and the next couple days I could barely move without the muscle locking up- so painful! But I think it was a blessing in disguise. Why- because it took my mind away from thinking about my food (luckily I had already prepared several meals) and kept me from exercising, other than walking and limited house work.

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Ouch!  I don't know if it would help any, but I purchased quality memory foam insoles (for all my shoes) and afterwards my knee/back pains have occurred less.  

Also a yoga move I find helpful is the "happy baby" (haha).  A quick google search "yoga poses for back pain" may provide some easement. 

Wish you well on your whole30 & your healing!

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