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Help! Eczema worse than ever before


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I hope someone can help. My boyfriend and I have been doing the Whole 30 together and he is in a really bad way with his eczema. He is having more frequent attacks since he has been doing the whole 30 and he is now having eczema in places he  has never had it before..his eyelids in particular and his neck is really bad.. we started on September 5th but he did eat a piece of meat that was marinaded on day 7 so he is going to continue on for another 7 days when I finish on october 4th

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Could you give us a rundown of what types of things he's typically eating? There are things that are Whole30 compliant that still affect certain people negatively.

For instance, many people find that eating too many nuts can make skin conditions worse -- if he's eating any kind of nuts, especially if he's having them more than once every day or two, have him stop that now and see if that helps. Eggs can as well for some people who are sensitive to them, especially if he's suddenly eating a lot more eggs than previously. Some people find that high FODMAP foods can cause problems (read about that here), or nightshade vegetables (more here) -- if you read through those and realize that he's eating a whole lot more of one or the other of those than he ever has in the past, that might be worth cutting back on. It's really a matter of trial and error -- if he really wants to figure it out, he'll need to keep track of what he's eating and how his symptoms are over time, so he can maybe start seeing patterns. They may not be obvious at first  -- you don't necessarily eat a thing, and immediately see your skin get worse, it may be that you eat a thing, and a few days later see a change.  So you need to have a record over time that you can look back on to see the patterns.

If you google Whole30 eczema, you'll find lots of past discussion where people mention what things they've tried and what they've figured out works for them.

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Thank you for your reply.

So yesterday he ate:

M1: He actually skipped this which he never usually does but he had a test to complete for an interview so he was tied up with that.

M2: Salmon fishcake x2, broccoli, sweet potato, avocado

M3: Carrot and ginger and garlic soup with homemade chicken stock

Snacks: Cashews, dates, orange, banana, black tea



M1: Pork and Apple Sausage Patties, roast beets and yam

M2: Chicken Salad with red onion, olives, peppers, beets, and olive oil dressing

M3: Salmon Fishcake, leftover chicken, sweet potato, broccoli and avocado



M1: Pork and Apple Sausage Patties, roast beets and yam

M2: Shepherds Pie

M3: Butternut Squash Soup with chicken and greens



M1: Potato and spinach frittata with tomatoes

M2: Pork and apple sausage, mashed yam, 

M3: Butternut squash soup with chicken and greens


Snacks during the week: almonds, cashews, fruit, dates

He had modified his diet to try and cut down on the amount of nightshades he was eating. This week he cut out eggplant and peppers and cut down on tomatoes.

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I have eczema and have done a couple of whole30s. 

Definitely list the foods he's been eating. 

I will note that my eczema breakouts are delayed as Shannon mentioned above. Gluten affects me, and if I eat something with gluten, I won't see it reflected on my skin for up to 6 days afterwards. So keeping a pretty detailed food journal could be helpful for him because it can be difficult to remember what you've eaten or catch on to certain patterns. 

Eggs can be troublesome to some and as Shannon mentioned, nuts. But really it could be any number of things. So frustrating, I know.

Speaking from experience, I definitely recommend for him not to give up and to continue eating whole30 until his skin clears. I will also say that skin problems can get worse before they get better, so keep that in mind as well. 

Eczema is often a reflection of a leaky gut. I've been working on healing my gut for over a year and am getting close. I now only have one patch left on my hand that bothers me. It has been a long road and I'm hoping the end is in sight.

I'll also mention, while he is having a flare, it is a good idea to avoid strong soaps and deodorants, strong cleaners, even heavily scented laundry soap or fabric softener. For me, if I touch pineapple or citrus or even salt, it will aggravate things so much more. 

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