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Five Guys - I blew it...


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Went to Five Guys with the family today, on the way home from a visit with my Mom. It was impromptu, everyone was starving. 

I thought I was covered. I went to their website and everything was good to go. The beef was not grass fed but completely beef, no additives.

So I planned on no bun, no cheese, no bacon, no fries and plenty of veggies. So that's what I did.

And in thinking "veggies", I said give me everything...pile 'em on.

Well, the mushrooms are grilled in something that comtains MSG and other non W30 items. I didn't even think about it because I was watching the grille and they weren't putting anything on the grille other than the items themselves. Then, after eating I actually felt a tad askew. So I went back to their site and found the disappointing information.

I'm on my 18th day and doing great, well I was.

This kind of sucks...

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9 hours ago, Robertaworley said:

From my understanding of what I've read, dining out is completely different than cooking at home.

The only concession in the rules for dining out is that canola oil is permitted as otherwise dining out might be nigh on impossible. All other off plan ingredients remain off plan regardless of where you are eating.

@40valves - Having checked the grilled mushrooms ingredients online I don't see MSG but I do see that they contain HFCS, which I'm afraid is out for your Whole30.

Have a read at >this article< and let us know what you decide...

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Today is my 19th day, and aside from the "less than a palmful" of those mushrooms, my efforts have been spot on. Albeit there may have been a day or two that I ate too much - everything has been within the confines of the program.

The main reason I chose this timeframe was because it was at a time that I was not traveling to any conferences and my travel load eased a bit. In the past week I have seen that come to an end, travel is amping back up soon. So starting over again is simply not an option for me. 

I will stay the course for the remaining 11 days. As a matter of fact my plan was to go 34 days because of a conference I've been scheduled to attend for some time...which is the 35th day in. I remain committed to that original plan.

I hate to disappoint anyone on the forum, especially myself. If I didn't travel so much I'd entertain starting over. Additionally I'd entertain starting over if I had noticed any sort of change. I can't rightly say I feel any better, honestly.

My eating wasn't bad to begin with, in fact compared to most, it was clean. The thought I had in finally executing the W30 plan was to lose some weight that won't budge. To which that hasn't changed either thus far. I've lost puff weight which is a given for any plan that has you give up bread, booze, pasta, rice, peanut butter, butter, half and half, etc.

I genuinely appreciate the help.

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