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Started second round of Whole30 way of eating, for 25 days, and using RealPlans app


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I have started a second round of Whole30 compliant eating, planning on fitting 25 days in between events that prevent the complete 30 days... so should really be calling it a Whole25.

My first Whole30 went very well, with great results.  My husband and I both did well.  I went down a full+ pant size and am feeling GREAT!

I found the RealPlans app at the end of that Whole30 month of August, and have been using it ever since to eat mostly compliant with some additions and treats here and there.  Planning is KEY!!  And this app really helps.  I love that I can import recipes, and customize the settings to my preferences.  Rather than spending money monthly on weight loss memberships or purchased prepped foods, I've decided the app is the better value... helps to make the good healthy choices in meals learned with the Whole30, easier for life.

I'm meeting up with a childhood friend for a weekend at the end of this month, in celebration of my upcoming 55th birthday, and we are going Tree Canopy Ziplining.   I'm pleased to be back on a stretch of time of the Whole30 way of eating, fully compliant, ahead of that, and during that weekend, will do what I can to be aware and eating mostly good, healthy choices.  But it will definitely be the end of full compliance for this second round.

It helps that my husband is fully on board with this.  This is the first time ever in our over 33 years of marriage that he's been this committed to doing anything about his weight and health.  I'm so surprised that he no longer considers some foods for breakfast only, and like me, is only looking for good tasting, and filling, no concerns about what time of day it is.

We'll likely do a third stretch of multi-compliant (14) days from early Nov. to the day before Thanksgiving too.  

I hope each time we add other foods back in, to get better at continuing to make good healthy food choices.  I know I haven't beaten my sugar monster yet, and have found in this in between month, that when I allowed it back in my diet, I still really want it.

I have another motivating tool - a pic of some of the unhealthy weight I was carrying around for years while still trying to use willpower to lose it.  I have placed this on my computer in a place that's easy to pop it open and take a look whenever I feel like throwing it away for an old surfacing of a desire for an unhealthy snack,or snack of any kind, for that matter.  It will remind me of the positive results achieved while eating 3 meals that were tasty and satisfying... without calorie counting.  Instead of those awful, uncomfortable rolls, I have slimmed down in that area enough to have just a little puffy roundness, which I am sure will be gone once and for all as I keep making good choices for my body's needs.

I attempted to share it, but the upload failed.  

How is everybody else feeling about their journey?

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Day Seven of the Whole "25" we are fitting in this month.

Yesterday, for no particular reason, visions of popcorn danced in my head.  That used to be my snacking go-to, and since I don't snack anymore, I haven't had it in ages!  I admit, once the thought was there, I sure did miss it.

And today, we cleaned out the fridge in the camp to bring home everything for the winter, so I was having to find room in the fridge at home for catsup, bbq sauce and dressings  - all non-compliant bottled goods purchased earlier this summer before we did our first Whole30 and our way of eating got completely turned around.

I'm wondering when we will ever use them, or will they sit there a while until I toss them out?  I am very reluctant to go back to taking in unnecessary sugars in foods.  I don't think I've tamed my sugar demon, and I have concerns about going back to any of the old stand-by foods.

Can anyone share what they do between Whole30 Programs, what you've reintroduce successfully without falling back on old habits, and what you keep away from still?  I'm trying to sort this out for myself.  We did our 30, are in the middle of a 25 right now, and have a plan for 15 days of complete compliance in November too, but am still learning how to eat in between those weeks of compliance.


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