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Breakouts -- HALP!


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It's been a while since I posted but I'm a little desperate for input right now. I'm on day 10 of AIP and my face is a WRECK. 

I've added so many new foods and I'm hoping not to have to take each one out and test it. Here's what I've added, in order of suspected culprit: 


1. Dried strawberries (too many)

2. Plantains (I've had 2.5 total; usually half a plantain at a time)

3. Seaweed

4. Lard & chicken fat

5. Fermented beets & cabbage

6. Beef liver 

7. Delicata & turnips (I'd finished those before the acne really flared but it's not impossible)


Anyone have an educated guess?

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Really, without knowing you and being somewhat versed in medicine, it's impossible to say. You could google those foods and see which are more or less likely to cause skin inflammation?  It's also possibel that if skin issues were something you were struggling with before your Whole30 that it gets worse before it gets better; that's not uncommon.

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I do have some skin issues anyway, but this is much more than my normal early-w30 breakout (this is probably my 7th w30). Plus when it's food related, the acne is almost always concentrated on my chin, like now. These foods are really the only different factor from my normal routine, so I'm pretty sure one of them is the culprit. 


I did some googling, but the problem is that you can name just about any food, and SOMEONE on the internet will say it made them break out. Was just hoping to see if anyone had had a particular experience with any of these foods. Thanks though!

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