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Well I wasn't going to do a log, but now I can see it will be good to record some of the journey to total health, on all levels.
I really appreciate Melissa's candor and the videos are a great inspiration. I am grateful for the great recipe index and have totally adopted Sunshine Sauce and homemade mayo as regular go-to's in my rotation. 
I started off after a week long family reunion for my Dad's 80th. I drank WAY too much wine ALL week (everyone else was) and made myself pretty wacked out. So good time to start? Well yes and no, maybe. 
I made it Monday all the way through Friday date night with hubby. That was easy; I told myself. We always go out to dinner and I thought I was so strong... Then came Saturday. I did not make it... had two glasses of wine. We also were moving into our winter home from the rv into a house... major stress. Wine or death...
I caved. Not so much with the food, but with the wine. I really wanted the relaxation the wine would bring. 
OK reset Day 1... Then came Sunday... More moving... eating out... more wine. OK reset AGAIN day 1.
Now updating: I am again on Day 5 ... feeling pretty solid this moment. And it's the weekend, beginning with date night in a few hours.
I watched a couple of the videos on YouTube that Melissa shared. These were very helpful. Got some tools in my tool kit.
I am doing great with the food part, as I have been eating mostly Paleo and healthy for a long time... about 2 years (except for weekend carbaloozas. (No wonder I can't get rid of the last 25lbs and 20% body fat.... no matter how much I diet and work out all week) hmmm I am sensing a pattern here. 
My issue is with weekend wine... 2- 3 glasses a night Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I DO feel pretty good right now and will go to the restaurant and order seltzer with lemon, nice steak and grilled veggies. YUM!
Wishing myself luck!!! On Monday I want to see DAY 8, not day 1.


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I did not make it. So, back to Day 1. But as Melissa said in Food Freedom Forever... this is part of the cycle. I learned and am ready to apply myself again. I will not call myself a failure. But I will persevere. Last weekend was 2 glasses of wine on Saturday and Sunday. This weekend it was/is 2 glasses of wine only on Friday. Next weekend will be 0 glasses of wine.
The food aspect is stellar. SO I am happy to begin again.


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Day 4 again... I am starting to feel my groove and slaying the wine dragon. The more I do yoga and feel the health of the micronutrient dense foods, the less I am interested in polluting my good feelings with a neurotoxin.

I found a yoga studio I really like here in Denville, NJ. I can feel my body composition changing. Going to class now 4-5 days a week and progressing into a more intermediate Vinyasa Flow.

 It is a relief to not be so obsessed with a diet... Just to lose weight. I have always felt that the weight would come off and the body fat to lean ratio would take care of it self... If I take care of my self.

Even though I have reset (only because of a few glasses of wine on the last two weekends), I have been following the food aspect to a tee. I began the journey on Sept 25th. This is why I believe I can feel the shift in my body. 

In Appreciation... And Gratitude  :)

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Made it to Day 7! 

Last night was date night and I did NOT slide into winedom. I actually didn't even miss it!

Another awesome goal was to complete my goal of 5 yoga classes in a row. Even intermediate Vinaya Aligned flow! Feeling great! 

It's interesting how my body is responding... Appreciating being fed well. 

When I started this program and it is stated... "This will change your life." ... I was skeptical, but ya know I think is really just may.


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