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Srarting whole 30


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1 hour ago, kanmuri said:

You want to make sure it's bacon without nitrate, sulfates or sugar.  I have never been able to find any in Vancouver, but there are a few recipes around the web.

Actually, nitrates are not a problem, and it's sulfites not sulfates that you need to avoid. There's a downloadable pdf here with more on what ingredients to avoid and what's okay.


1 hour ago, Wendykemp said:

When a recipe calls for bacon. What kind of bacon are we talking?

Usually pork bacon that's Whole30 compliant. If you google Whole30 bacon you can find more past discussions on what brands people have found. Pederson's brand has at least one variety that is Whole30 compliant, and it can sometimes be found at Whole Foods, Sprouts or similar stores. US Wellness Meats also sells some if you want to order online -- if you do order from them, check out the bacon Ends & Pieces, that's a little cheaper than the slices of bacon, and in some recipes works just as well. You may find other brands from local butchers or even at your local grocery store, but you have to read the label. Most bacon has sugar -- it may say "less than 2%" of sugar, or it may be some other sweetener or called something science-y sounding like dextrose, those are still not allowed. Here's a list of other names sugar/sweeteners may be listed as. And of course make sure it doesn't contain any of the other things that aren't allowed.

I think people have found compliant turkey bacon before, if that's your preference, but I think it's even harder to find than pork bacon.

In some cases, you can sub something like pancetta or prosciutto, which might be easier to find -- just look at the recipe you're thinking about making and think about whether those would work similarly.


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