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Re-Introduction of Gluten Free and OH BOY :(


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Hello Whole 30'ers!

I could use some of your words of wisdom. I am on the re-introduction phase, specifically the Gluten free part and ....oh boy is my body sensitive. I had the following gluten free items:


Gluten Free Hot cereal (1/4 cup) with walnuts (6)

Gluten Free Chips (2 cups)  with Guac (1/4 cup)


I had those two items and my stomach was having aversive reactions (that afternoon and the next morning), I was also very lethargic. I had to take a mid afternoon nap, something I do not normally do. 

Has anyone else experienced these reactions or something similar? Is there something else that could have been in the food items that caused this? I am nervous that if even Gluten Free items may be off the menu, then for sure items containing Gluten will be as well and .....well I like some of those food items that have both. Just looking for some guidance and advice. Thanks in advance.


Salena (Gluten Free may not be for me?) :)

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More often than not Gluten Free items have a whole host of other ingredients any of which could be causing your reaction.

What were the ingredients of the two items you ate?

Personally I'd suggest something like plain rice, or steel cut oats for a gluten free grains day.

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     The hot cereal ingredients are as follows:

Whole Grain organic Brown Rice.

It's pretty plain and I don't typically eat white rice and didn't want to buy some just for one meal. 


For the chips the ingredients are as follows:

Organic blue corn, expeller pressed oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, organic sesame seeds, sea salt.

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Ok, so the hot cereal is just really brown rice? The husk of the brown rice can be problematic for some people which is why I'd suggest starting with that. Even if you've eaten brown rice before with the inflammation gone from your gut now having completed your 30 days you could find that you don;t fare just as well with it.

The corn chips again don't look to have anything too out of the ordinary, but I'd be tempted to say that they are the culprit as corn is higher up on the allergen scale and is likely to cause lethargy.

When did your reactions start? Other than the lethargy what other symptoms did you have?

Really the only way to determine which might be the culprit is to go back to W30 eating for a few days until symptoms subside & then re-try individually...

Hope this helps!

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Thank you! 

Yes, this does help and I will be extending the Whole 30 over the next few days to help balance me out. Some other reactions I experienced were increased bathroom trips and feeling bloated. They started about 5 hours after being consumed. I would like to be able to consume carbs as I am a runner and training for a half marathon coming up, so when this aversive reaction occurred I got really worried that carbs may be something I can't bring back. 

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4 minutes ago, Salena said:

I would like to be able to consume carbs as I am a runner 

There are many runners who fuel on starchy veg - it takes a bit of getting used to, and it's usually a case of pre-loading the night before a race, but it's completely do-able - check out the Whole30 for Athletes section for lots of hints & tips :)

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