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Breaking Out?


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I'm just wondering if anyone else had break outs on their skin after they started their first Whole 30? I've come up with 7 large pimples on my back which I have NEVER had that many in my life, let alone at one time.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it the toxins trying to get out???

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Interesting you should ask this. I noticed in my first week unusual breaking out on my face. My god, I am 46; must I go through puberty again? Like you, I thought it was the toxins trying to bust their way out. Not sure if that is true, but it is a theory that made me feel better!

Now, day 22, and I noticed last night after washing my face just how great my skin looks!

Hope someone with real knowledge chimes in on this!

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Thanks Megan, this is definitely what I have been finding. Day 24 here, and I am more than happy to leave my house make up free on the weekends. That would not have happened before. I always felt I just needed a little something to cover up, even out, provide a rosey glow. Now, it is all coming from within!

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