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Starting 10/10 - 2nd W30 - Reset for FFF


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So I am starting my second Whole30 today.  I did one successfully and tried to do other one in the past but never succeeded.  I'm trying to use it as my reset for FFF.

What I know

  • Dairy products give me headaches.  I've been using ghee but I'm not even sure that is working for me.
  • Sugar is a massive problem for me.  I get sugar hangover and it usually triggers binge episodes.
  • Sugar consumption leads to me being depressed, which leads to wanting more sugar.
  • Alcohol, if more than a glass of wine, gives me cold sweat and affected my sleep negatively.
  • I tend to avoid grains (w/ or w/out gluten) aside from rice.  They make me bloated due to yeast overgrowth and IBS.

The states of things

  • This marks the end of a binge episode that lasted 2 days an a half.  It was a mild one by all accounts.
  • I don't feel too bloated nor gassy this morning.  My change later in the day.
  • My face is flaring up with cyst like zits and doesn't look healthy to me
  • I have mucus flowing from my sinuses down my throat.
  • I have a mild, lingering headache
  • My clothes fit, but I'm starting to overflow over my jeans and my boobs are a bit too big for my comfort.

Obstacles forecast

  • Business trip to Duncan tomorrow for 2 days.
  • Business trip to California next week for 3 days
  • EA FIFA17 launch party on the 21st
  • Business trip to Winnipeg for 2 weeks from Oct 24
  • Negative self-talk
  • Fatigue from 10h work day and/or travel.
  • FOMO

Today's motivation



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A day spent cooking and taking it easy.  Enough food to last us the week!

Meal 1: Salmon filet, roasted leek and squash, apple with almond butter.

Meal 2: Chicken fajitas (wrap replaced with lettuce.) with guacamole + homemade salsa

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Day two is over.  I spent 12h working, driving, riding the ferry, etc.  I normally feel sick on the ferry and use this as an excuse to eat to "settle my stomach."  Stuck to the plan and just had tea and an part of an apple. (it was gross, didn't finish it)  Finding dinner was harder cos I working in a small industrial city for the next two days and there isn't much.


Meal 1: 2 eggs, ghee, roasted butternut squash and leek, homemade acorn squash/bone broth soup (small bowl).

Meal 2: grilled salmon (small portion), roasted butternut squash and leek.

Meal 3: chicken breast + 1 wing, guacamole (1/2 cup), thermos of acorn/bone broth soup, raw veggies


Weight lifting session with my trainer (1h)

Potential obstacles

Fatigue.  The hotel I at is the shittiest place ever.  I doubt I'll get any quality sleep.  Plus I am working 12 hours for another day if not 2.


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Really hard day.  Because I'm working in the middle of nowhere my food options are really limited.  I had to survive on bits and scraps. Pretty much everything here comes with cheese or covered in creamy sauce.


Bison jerky, nud cracker, seasnax

Meal 2

Larabar, raspberries

Meal 3

Baked potato, 6oz steak, veggies


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Been busy and couldn't update.  I've been following the plan.  Managed to escape the storm and to get home on Thursday night.  Eating home food was amazing.  I am very worried about my trip to SanFran next week because I know I won't have much control over my food.  I'm going for the long game here so I should be ok.  In the worst case scenario, I'll mitigate the damage and start over the next day.  I want to do a whole 100 or at least something close to it.

Meal 1

Banana, raspberry, coconut milk, cocoa, almond butter

Meal 2

Sweet potato baked fries, chicken

Meal 3

Goulash, white boiled potato, pistachio

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