DAY 42 and counting


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So I decided to keep going.  Interestingly I really started shedding pounds around day 37 so I am glad I kept going.

In the last week I was lost all interest in food.  I am so bored with the things I can safely eat and don't really crave the bad stuff but i just don't want to eat.

I have to force myself to eat previously delicious whole 30 foods.  I think it's good I no longer think about food much, but I am wondering if anyone else has observed this

lack of interest in food?


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Food boredom is pretty common, especially toward the end of a W30. Sometimes it's helpful to look for new, different recipes to break things up -- sometimes that can reignite the excitement about food you had been feeling before.

Or if that doesn't seem to be working, make some of your favorites or what might qualify as "comfort food" type items -- whatever you find warm and nourishing and easy to eat.

Whatever you do, definitely eat. If you need to set timers to remind yourself to eat your meals, do that. But do eat, or you could find yourself continuing to not want to eat. Generally, if you keep trying to eat what you can, your appetite will come back in a few days. 

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Don't give up as someone said previously, find recipes to spice things up.  I've found a few that are whole30 compliant just by putting something I like in "google" to see if there's a recipe that's whole30 compliant, believe it or not I've found a few recipes, for instance "Turkey Blueberry Muffins OMG so good, and "Pumpkin Custard Breakfast Casserole"  also YUM,  sometimes just tweaking something you like to make it whole30 compliant works.  Because I like to cook and it's only me sometimes I just take 1 day and prep.  I've made vegetable beef soup using "Bone Broth also YUM and find that since I've been doing whole30 that my tastebuds are finally AWAKE LOL...  So don't give up just spice it up a bit! :D

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