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Day 1: 10/10/16


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And I just realized, that probably was an autocorrect for yeast extract. Yeast extract is kind of questionable, it's not specifically called out by name as a thing to avoid, but then again, it might be MSG under another name. It's probably best to avoid it if possible.

It's very difficult to find store bought broths that are compliant, especially beef broths. It's not hard to make your own, especially if you own a crockpot -- you can just let it cook and check the water level occasionally, adding more if it gets too low. If you need to buy storebought, check chicken or vegetable broths, they seem to be a little easier to find compliant. I have found some Epic brand bone broth at a local health food store here that's pretty good, it's kept in the refrigerated section -- the ones I've tried were compliant but always read labels. Unfortunately, it was more expensive than the boxed or canned varieties at the grocery store.

For many recipes, you can also just use water instead of broth, and add more seasoning to add more flavor.



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