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Day 8 - accidental failure - STARTING OVER


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I am bummed, to say the least.  I buy this large 24oz undiluted, cold brew, black coffee (Chameleon coffee) that I LOVE and was so happy when I found out it was Whole30 compliant.  I've been adding coconut milk to alleviate that desire for cream but, a savior nonetheless.  Yesterday, they had a deal at the store where if you purchased the large size, you got a 16oz for free!  Who doesn't love free?!  This morning, I opened it up while driving, took the smallest sip and realized it tasted different.  I pulled over and sure enough....Cane Sugar.  I almost cried.  The last 3 days have been so difficult.  The sugar cravings have been insane, and I've been trying to brush it off all morning but, it's messing with my head that I screwed up.

I know this isn't a huge deal, it was just a sip and unintentional but, I am still so mad at myself.  Anyone else feel like this with accidental slips?  I'm only a week in and starting over doesn't seem that bad, but I'm just frustrated that something "got me."

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