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Kristen Nash Whole 30


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Day 1: This is typically how I eat I'm just basically eliminating sugar.

Breakfast: 3 whole eggs scrambled, 2 Applegate sausages, 1/2 avocado, handful of strawberries

Lunch: HEB rotisserie chicken, oven roasted potatoes, apple

Pre-workout: 2 boiled eggs, handful of cashews

Dinner: Enchilada sweet potato 

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Day 2:

Breakfast Frittata with onion, bell pepper, yellow squash, eggs, and italian sausage. salsa would be good on here. I need to make some. 

Lunch: Left over Enchilada sweet potato

Pre-Workout: 2 boiled eggs, apple, cashews

Dinner: TBD 

Energy level is crap!! And I slept 8 hours....but it could just be pregnancy symptoms. 

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Hey Kristen - I'm going to delete your other log if you don't mind? Just to keep the forums tidy... 

Ditch that preWO apple by the way - it's only providing your body with an immediate source of fuel, when you want it to be learning to tap into your fat stores ;)

For your energy - ensure you're drinking the recommended 1/2 oz water per pound of body weight, daily, salt your food, and include enough fat at each meal over & above what you're using to cook with (I only see avocado mentioned in yesterday's breakfast).

Good luck!

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