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First whole 30


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This is my first Whole 30. This is actually day 8 for me ( together, with my beautiful wife, who is doing #3 ), but had trouble getting signed up. So, here goes....

I have lost almost 40 pounds in the last 3 years, some from NutriSystem ( yuck ), and then a migration through BeyondDiet, Paleo, and Keto/Paleo.  A year or so ago, I put 10 pounds back on, and have only managed to lose 4 or 5, just to gain it back, yo-yo style. 

I'm doing this to get control of the yo-yo. Too often I feel like I'm eating cleanly for a week, maybe 2, and then go out for "just one beer," to find myself going down a spiral of beer, unhealthy food, and desserts, thinking that I've already messed up, might as well "enjoy" it. Then the binge is over, and I am filled with regret.  

No more! We both do this and neither of us manages to stop the spiral, so we're doing this together this time! Also, want to establish that new "normal," and see if I can resolve some lower back pain, and improve exercise recovery.

On my healthy days, I was eating ketogenic. Compared to that, my changes include stevia in the coffee, my daily dose of blue cheese in my lunch salad, miscellaneous dairy indulgences, and the dreaded added sugar in commercial meat products like bacon and sausage.   I started this off after two weekends of binges, so I wasn't sure what to expect with the transition. I can say that I didn't suffer too badly. 

I'm also working on the Primal Endurance program from Mark Sisson, so focusing on aerobic fitness, which is keeping heart rate at 180-age during cardio. It's not easy at first.

I suspect I'll achieve/retain ketosis for most of this. I'm picky about the fruits I eat, and don't like sweet potatoes. I'm fine with this. 

To summarize my eating up to this point, it mostly looks like this:

M1: 3 eggs and compliant meat (sugar free bacon, W30 homemade breakfast sausage, or Trader Joe's pork belly.

M2: slow-roasted pork shoulder with spinach for most of the week, starting off this week with home-made green chile stew and a simple salad.

M3: A grilled protein with veggies.

To summarize how I feel:

Overall doing well. Worked on a large home-improvement project on Days 5 and 6 and was full of energy after that on Day 6.

Today is day 8, and overall feeling good, still experiencing lower back stiffness, and have tender heels from running in minimalist footwear, I suspect from a change in running mechanics as I'm forcing myself to run a bit slower than normal.

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