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Help with my re-intro timeline?


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Hello Everyone - 

Loved reading Food Freedom Forever and it got me thinking....my original plan was to do a Whole60 that would end on November 3, I would have 10 days of re-introduction, and then on November 14 it's my birthday (not a license to binge, but a great moment to start enacting my FFF!)

(History: I did my first Whole30 in July 2015 (with a pretty dire return to old habits around) and I did this past September Whole30 and turned it into a Whole60)

So what I'm thinking about is this: do you think it's a better idea to do a Whole50 instead, giving me 20+ days before my birthday for a thorough re-introduction? Or should I push through to the Whole60, giving me a short re-introduction?

A longer Re-intro would look like:

   Day 1 - Sugar

   Day 4 - Alcohol (non-gluten)

   Day 7 - Legumes

   Day 10 - Non-Gluten Grains

   Day 13 - Gluten

   Day 16 - Dairy

A shorter Re-intro would look like:

   Day 1 - Sugar

   Day 4 - Dairy

   Day 7 - Non-Gluten Grains

   Day 9 - Gluten

(Day 11 would be my birthday where I MAY want to have some wine and cake)



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Hey @janer1114

If done correctly one stretch of 30 days is enough for a gut re-set, and there's really no need to continue further unless you've some underlying medical condition that might be delaying results.

I'd go for the longer reintroduction period (and take longer than you've indicated), allowing time to split up the food groups a little further - so maybe adding in a separate day for corn, for peanuts & for soy (all known allergens), as well as breaking down dairy a little further as reactions can be caused by casein, whey and/or lactose...

Hope this helps :)

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The only actual "thing" is a Whole30 so anything beyond that is a bonus. That said, it's your choice to do 39, 50 or 60 days. 

How and when you reintroduce is up to you, the guidance for the structured reintroduction is to have at least 2 days of Whole30 eating in between to assess reactions. Either of these schedules could work depending on your reactions and what you hope to get out of them.

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