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1week in and no issues


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Hello All

Well, I found this book at a whole foods and ordered it for my iPad as well as my wife's iPad. Monday (Oct 15) will be 2 weeks for both of us and I have lost 8 lbs and my blood sugar is down to normal (dropped about 30-35 points) and feeling great all ready.

I have not had any issues with cravings or being hungry.

We are die hard SF Giants fans and season ticket holders. So we are now in the playoffs and go to the games and have to avoid all of the peanuts/brats & beer, what was I thinking? I have told myself (and my wife), if we can get through baseball playoffs (and hopefully a World Series) we can do anything.

The other thing I learned during this 2 weeks is that I really don't even like coffee! With no cream or sweetener coffee is nasty stuff. I have switched to tea.

A big thank you to the authors.


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