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October 15 Start


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I'm starting my Whole30 October 15.  I'm a little nervous about starting because I've tried a few times before and haven't made it through the first week.  I can't take another failure, so I'm determined to stick this one out.  I just turned 30 this year, maybe Whole30@30 will work out for me.

Experimenting with food is not new to me.  I was vegetarian for a few years, borederline vegan at points.  But, I never got the results I wanted from that and when I met my husband (3 years ago) I went back to eating meat out of ease of meal planning.  He was actually big into paleo when we met so he first introduced me to it.

Over the years, I have been able to maintain my weight by taking up running.  Two years ago I completed my first marathon, and haven't run since.  The miles were taking a toll on me and I was discovering that you can't compensate for an unhealthy diet by running.  Unfortunately I didn't change my diet when I stopped running so I have gained 35 ibs.  Part of it was not being required to maintain some healthier habits to get through the runs, and the other part was finally not burning off the extra carbs I was eating.

I know from the vegetarian diet and years of carb loading for runs that my body is extremely carb adapted and the biggest struggle will be making it through the first few weeks until I'm more fat adapted.  I'm also giving up caffeine due to insomnia and digestive issues I believe to be caused by it, which will add to the struggle.  Hoping for some accountability in the process.  Would love to find someone who is starting around the same date and may be able to relate to my experiences. 

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