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Started on 27th September - amazingly still going!


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Hi, I live in the UK and am introducing myself rather late but it is Day 17 now and I don't want to lose the momentum. It hasn't been horrendously hard apart from a few moments. I was baking for a fundraiser and couldn't taste any of the mixtures! Also, my husband has been doing the food shopping from my list; until yesterday I hadn't been subjected to all that stuff in the supermarket. As I went to Lidl, which has limited space for the highly processed foods, the main temptations were the salamis and the German spice cookies for Christmas. I am the only one of a family of four doing this so all the usual foods are still in my cupboards and fridge. Fortunately, I am mostly a from scratch cook so processed foods are limited and we don't have stocks of crisps, peanuts, cakes etc. anyway. My family are enjoying the Whole 30 meals I prepare for the evenings/weekends and my son is usually eating the same lunch as me. They can just add extra stuff that I can't.

My main reason for doing this is because my energy is rather low, my sleep poor and I suffer from migraines. There hasn't been noticeable change in this so far but this is my incentive to continue. I feel it can only benefit me to be increasing the amount of protein and vegetables that I eat. Although I haven't weighed myself and am not overweight I do feel there is less of the middle aged spreading that I felt had been happening.

Best Wishes to all of you embarking on this experience :)



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