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Whole30 and Teens


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My family started the Whole30 yesterday and we're all very committed to it. However, my 17 y/o son is a grazing snackaholic and is having a hard time between meals. We don't want him to fail, so we're trying to keep some alternatives handy to help him during his snack attacks.

bite-sized chunks of meat

mixed nuts (not cooked in vegetable or soy)

apples, bananas and berries

cut up vegetables

dehydrated apple rings

He's not a pickle or olive person, which is too bad.

Maybe we need to up his fat intake during regular meals?

Any suggestions? He could eat his weight in beef jerky and pepperettes but we haven't found any that are Whole30 compliant (we are in Ontario, Canada).


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Why don't you try making your own jerky? It's pretty easy, even without a dehydrator.

He's a growing boy, so I think I'd just make sure he's eating a LOT of food at every meal. I found that my need to graze went away as I started eating larger meals than "normal" diets would recommend. My house also has a lot of leftovers in the fridge at any given time, even if it's in between structured meals, I'll pull leftovers out and have a mini-meal left over from the night before. Nothing "snacky" about it, just smaller portions.

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Thank you for posting this question. My sons are 11 and 12 and are already eating as much as I do, if not more. I know it is just a matter of time before my grocery bill doubles or even triples.

It looks like you are doing all the right things, having healthy snacks available. You certainly could try upping the amount of protein and/or fat in each meal to help satisfy him longer.

Does he like eggs? Having some hard boiled eggs available for snacking is a good option. Avocados. Deli meat. Kale chips. Coconut chips.

Here is a link to Whole30 approved jerky. http://www.primalpacs.com/ I keep these on hand at all times. In my purse, gym bag, glove box, work bag, hiking pack… You could also make your own. There is a recipe in the recipe section of the Forum.

Out of curiosity, is he active? If so, take a look at the section of the Forum that has to do with athletes. There is some good information with regard to pre and post workout that may help as well.

Hope this helps.

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I don't have teenagers, but I do have a 15 year old brother in law who runs track and is a competitive cyclist.He is mostly paleo (my inlaws are getting there) and we fight to keep him full as well. All the foods you listed are great. Keep encouraging him to eat fat and protein all the time. If he likes mayonnaise, make him some compliant Mayo and let him eat it with a spoon. Eggs are another cheap way to fill him up.

Hope this helps you!

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