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Disappointed in myself


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I was reading some of the issues runners were having with the whole30 but could not believe it. Until it happen to me....today....Ugh!


I am a runner... Big runner. As in large. Not a great 140lb emaciated runner but a runner none the less. I have done some form of paleo since April 2011. I weighed 257 lbs as of April 2011 and dropping down to 205# or so within 3 months. Wow... I was by then a hardcore for Jesus type Paleo and crossfiter by then. As of October 2011 I dropped down to 199# for one day but usually would maintain in the low 200s. Very cool. Well my wife [who doesn't do paleo and is not athlete or healthy, much to my sadness, she just stopped smoking this month in fact] got sick due to properly taking her medications. It was causing memory issues, shaking and what not. I though she had early onset dementia [she was 44 and I am 41, was 40 then]... She didn't it was too strong of a med which was fixed in a month. Anyway, I had a screw all this attitude fell off the great Paleo lifestyle I was on. Still Paleo but winding down worse and worse each week and month. By September 2012 I was up to 225#, which makes running doable but slow. Not horrible weight if I wasn't a runner but not what I want and I did not feel great like I once did. Anyway, I wanted to get back on track so I though I would try to do as much of the Whole30 as I felt I could and as of Oct 1 started.


Again, I am not Whole30 compliant. But this is the most strict Paleo I have ever done. The only think I have no gotten out of my life is diet drinks [which are horrible I know] and salt on nuts. Zero breads, Zero dairy, Zero Pasta, Zero Rice, I eat a bacon and egg type breakfast, and 6-8oz of meat grilled in olive oil to keep it from drying out for Lunch and dinner along with 3 or so cups of various veggies [boiled, grilled or steamed] at each meal, and then my salty nuts, [Pistachios, Pecans, cashews or sunflower seed usually]. The only issues with the nuts is they have salt, I think. I think I am usually around 2000 or less calories each day but never hungry or tired.[could be my issue]

My plan is every 3 month trying to get as whole30 complaint as I can so that I don't do the whole downward spiral thing. Loving it so far. My work outs consist of 3 crossfit WODs per week, two interval running [1000m repeats, 400m repeats and stuff] per week and one longer time trial between a 5K and a 10miler.

Ok the running issue:

September 8th I ran a 10k in 49:15 or so - just under 8per mile. 1 minute off my middle-aged bigguy PR.

October 13th I ran a 10k in 1:03:10, 10:10 pace.... each mile was about a minute slower and then the last mile was 2min slower than the 5th mile.... good lord that sucked... the anti PR worst 10k EVER! lol

Oh, I also weight after to race to see where I was for the race: 213# a loss of 12# in 12 days. I'm not really worried about my weight, it will get to where it should be in time but might be helpful to know for those that know what they are doing around here.

Anyway, committed to a stricter Paleo but was wondering if I am just way way way under fueling. Any bigger runners out there and wondering what has been your experience? I try to eat when I am hungry and eat properly. But this sucked. I think I would have been ok on a 5k by the way and should have ran that but wanted to compare the 10ks month to month with a better diet.

Any suggestions [i'm betting I need more fuel]

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Well, I am the short female version of a "bigger runner" which means I am stocky and carrying a few extra (though eating Paleo/Whole is certainly helping with this). I weigh about 145, and my workouts are not as numerous/varied as yours, so certainly my overall caloric needs are far less than you. That said, yes, based on your description of food intake it does sound to me like you're not eating enough (hopefully the mods will chime in here if I'm off base).

My own experience going paleo/Whole was that it took me around 4 or 5 weeks of Paleo and halfway into W30 to feel the joy of fat adaption, and even once I did I still struggled with overall tiredness and sluggish runs til I got my food right. For me it was adding a sweet potato to dinner every night. I was surprised what a big difference this made. If I were you I'd start there and experiment.

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Oh and the diet drinks, I was a long time diet coke addict, as in my entire adult life, until I started W30. Now I won't touch them, not even tempted even though my fridge is full of them because my husband drinks them. Never thought I could do that. Get some sparkling water and free yourself of the evil that is artificial sweetener!

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I had similar issues, although with Crossfit, I´ve been training crossfit for 8 months now and did a alot of weightlifting before that 10 years. When I started crossfit I was using gainers and proteins once a day and creatine and other caffeine stimulants during workouts. After I started my 30 day I lost around 9 lbs. (starting weight was 190) and I got really lean. but my energy for training as hard as I did went down. I used to train 4-6 days a week. And now the past 29 days. ( Im on my 29th day) I´ve been training around 2-3 times per week. on week 2 I did 3 crossfit workouts in 3 days and i got sick... not consuming enough calories or somethin to last it out. I added 1 egg to my breakfast (from 6-7) and 1 fruit also, and I stuffed myself more out during lunch and dinner and that helped me out but not enough to last 3 in a row yet. I´ve done my 29 completely clean... (one salad I got in a restaurant was with some dressing that tasted a bit sweet.... )

My performance has´nt changed , although it is easier to do Crossfit 9 lbs leaner... but I want to keep my 181 lbs weight now and even gain the 9 pounds back in muscle. So my recommendations are just to try and eat more...hehe.. although it is hard to over eat on this paleo food it just takes to much room... :)

good luck. :)

Gunnar www.crossfitkatla.is

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