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Round 2 starting 10/13....my thoughts


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Here is a link to my first round started 8/18

i had a successful round one. Felt better, less aches and pains. Increased exercise/walking. 11 pound weight loss. Hardest things  for me to give up were cheese and cocktails. Journaling what I ate was helpful to me  

Just came back from a 10 day trip to Paris which involved LOTS of walking as well as cheese, bread and wine  so ready to get back on the wagon  Looking forward to it actually

Today is round 2 day 1  ... Two pound weight gain since I finished first whole30 around 9/19   

breakfast was pre-chopped veggies from trader joes with fresh spinach and fingerling potatoes  and two eggs and 2ounves salmon.  Will save some of the veg for lunch  

lunch plans include smoked oysters, veggie mix and salad  ... need to pick up ripe avocados 

dinner will be sweet potato, veggie mix, fresh spinach, arugula with home made lemon vinegrette and filet mignon  



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My second day one went better then my first day ine

eggs, sweet potato and veg for breakfast

compliant meat balls and salad for lunch

dinner was attending a casual wedding.  Had cerviche, guacamole and pulled roasted pork. 

Day 2

breakfast will be eggs and veg......

will finally have salmon for dinner.  

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Day 3. 

Will be going overnight to DDs house so will pack some compliant items to bring with me. 

Made mayo yesterday with immersion blender. Very tasty, looking forward to using it for egg salad, creamy salad dressing. 

Breakfast today will be two eggs with smoked salmon and vegies.  Salad for lunch with Tuna? Crab meat?

Still thinking about dinner but have filet mignon or salmon. 

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Day 4

breakfast was salmon cake with some home made May and greens. Really yummy.  I made this the day before. 9 of them. Ate two, packed knee for today's breakfast, husband ate one and froze the rest. http://meljoulwan.com/2014/11/10/oven-fried-salmon-cakes/ Plan is to make more with my left over salmon and have for dinner night 5. I used fresh raw salmon but will use the leftover cooked for tonight. 

Lunch was out for DDs birthday celebration. Ordered a naked burger with salad. Dressing on the side, no cheese. Really yummy and complaint.  

Early Dinner was salmon and salad with compliant dressing.  Around 9 Pm had golden cauliflower http://meljoulwan.com/2012/10/24/golden-cauliflower-soup/ soup and some raw cashews.  

All and all a good day. Need to increase activity. Have several dishes I cooked over the weekend ready to go.  Delicious mushroom soup by Anthiny Bourdain, substituted ghee and left out wine. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/mushroom-soup-231145 Bought some more vegies to cook including a cute little squash and some artichokes Purchased grass fed beef sirloin roast at trader joes as well as pork belly  

have a good Whole30 Day!


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Day 5

Breakfast. Two eggs, pork belly, small amt potato and 8 healthy veg trader Joe mix in the pan.   

Lunch was petite squash half, compliant meatball/tomato veg mix and a few sips of mushroom soup. 

Dinner was salmon cakes with mayo, some raw cashews. Need more veg. 

Will cook artichokes today in water, EVOO, spices, and some almond flour "stuffing". Will freeze some of my soups in individual size containers.  Looking forward to some filet mignon tonight. 

Hit 5,000 steps yesterday. Goal is to do the same today. 

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