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Struggling Struggling Struggling


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I have been on a bit of a pink cloud on my Whole30 up until yesterday.  It has been pretty easy to follow, I have tried some really great recipes, and my commitment and resolve were solid.  For some reason, though, yesterday and today I have been really low on energy and REALLY wanting non-Whole30 foods.  I managed to stay focused on my goal and not deviate from plan, but I have to admit I am really struggling.  I did eat way more than my 3 meals yesterday, even though all was approved foods and I did stick to having a big serving of veggies and protein with each "snack."  My exercise has ramped up this past week, both in intensity and frequency, so I am taking today off to rest to see if that helps.  And I keep reminding myself I have more days complete than I have to go.  But if you have had a similar experience or just some words of encouragement, I can sure use them!  Thanks!!  



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as your body adjusts to better food, you'll have more energy, so you'll feel like doing more exercise, as you do more exercise, you'll need more fuel, so you'll have to eat more.  As long as you stick to complient foods, try to have 3 meals, but have a pre or post work out if needed - pre, mostly protein and fat, post, lean protein and a starchy veg.

it's all good!  your body changes, it'll take a while for your brain/mind to catch up.  you've done over half so you know you can do the remainder.  take a deep breath, relax for a day if needed, keep on keeping on.

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18 minutes ago, JenPump said:

That is a tricky question -- I am 49 years old and my cycles are very crazy right now.  But I did wonder if that might have something to do with it. 

Ok, so there could be a couple of things at play here:

1. You're approaching that time of the month where your body is preparing for a pregnancy & it requires more energy to do this - hence the increase in appetite, the lack of energy, & the cravings - this is a perfectly natural process that happens to ALL females & is why we find ourselves reaching for chocolate pre Whole30 - you could add in a little more starchy veg for the next few days to see if this helps.

2. You're not eating enough and your body is low on energy because of it - a quick run down of a few days worth of typical meals, along with activity levels, liquid intake etc would confirm this (or not).

3. Your hormones (not cycle related) are regulating and your appetite is adjusting according to the new foods & the increased exercise routine. Run with it and things should settle.


My money is on 1 or 2.


ETA: If you think it is cycle related and want to discuss further I can move this to the 'ladies only' forum if that would make you more comfortable...

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