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Rice reintroduction


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So on day 38 I finally decided to try a reintro of white rice.  I had white rice for breakfast along with picadillo and guacamole, for lunch I had a rice noodle soup and spring rolls with rice noodles, shrimp and fresh greens in rice paper and supper was the same as breakfast with the addition of rice crackers.

things I learned

I had a bit if gurgling and gas, but very minor. Also rice crackers are too much like chips and are food without breaks. I could have easily eaten the whole box.

Things I am unsure of

TMI alert....this morning I have diarrhea. I am not sure if it is the rice because the greens were easily identifiable.  I guess I will be whole30 a few days then see where to go from there. I will likely retest rice to make sure later at some point. 

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