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Day 13= Still tired all the time


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It's day 13 and I have had no increase in energy. In fact, I'm tired when I wake up and it doesn't change throughout the day. I feel like I'm eating enough but maybe not. I prepared most of my meals on Sunday and have been eating the same breakfast and lunch all week. I have changed up the dinners some. Here is the layout:

Breakfast @7am: 1 slice of frittata (1 pound ground beef, sauteed with 4 yellow squash and 4 zucchini and 18 eggs. Baked in 9x13 dish and then cut into 8 slices.)

Snack around 10:30 some days: 1 handful dry roasted almonds and sliced jicima

Lunch @ 1pm: 6 ounces chicken breast mixed with compliant pesto sauce, 1 cup spaghetti squash, 1/3-1/2 chopped cucumber. Some days 1/2 jazz apple.

Dinner@ 6ish: 2 cups compliant pumpkin, turkey chili or 5 ounces seared salmon with 1 1/2 cups roasted cauliflower. 1 cup frozen blueberries with some coconut milk.

I drink lots of plain green tea throughout the morning and then water or seltzer the rest of the day. I'm drinking close to 128 ounces of liquid a day (4 Nalgenes.)

Please help. I desperately need energy. Thanks.

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Other than the coconut milk & the occasional snack you make no mention of fat.... Fat is necessary for energy - the body runs much more efficiently on it than it does carbs.

Other than that how is your sleep? Are you taking a magnesium supplement?

Are you salting your food?

How are your stress levels?

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I didn't add fat to my breakfast because I thought the ground beef and eggs have enough fat. The lunch fat is the homemade pesto sauce. It is made with olive oil, cashews, and basil. I haven't added fat to dinners so I will do that tonight. 

As for supplements I take a probiotic, cod liver oil, and magnesium at night. I add pink Himalayan salt to the meals. I go to bed around 10 and wake up at 6:30. I wake up several times during the night to use the bathroom.

My stress level is high because I work full-time, have two children (and a helpful husband), and attend school part-time two evenings a week. I have mid-terms next week. This is why I really need more energy. I do yoga before bed most nights to help with the stress and wind down from studying before bed. 

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I'd have added fat to the breakfast to be honest - some olives or avocado maybe... And definitely add fat to the dinners - you need it at every meal, over and above what you're using to cook with.

Apart from that your meals don't look to bad so I'd look at working on your sleep. The pre bed yoga should help, but I'd maybe look at limiting liquids after dinner to see if that helps with the waking up through the night, and I'd ensure your room is suitably dark & cool. Develop a good bed time routine, dim the lights after sunset, waken at the same time each day - even on weekends, spend some time outdoors each day (on wakening is ideal but a slot at the same time mid day is good too for absorbing vitamin D), make sure you eat within an hour of wakening.

Sleep has such a huge impact on stress, which has a huge impact on energy - it's definitely worth looking at ways to improve both.

Hope this helps.

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