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2nd Time a Charm?


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Hi! I'm from New England, fighting food issues all my life.

I started my 2nd round last week on Oct. 6th.....

After my first round last January I thought I knew it all... I thought I didn't need much re-intro.... boy was I wrong! I became a slave to the scale AND counting calories/tracking for the last few months. 

This time I'm in it to win it!! 

Anyone else on round 2 here?

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I am starting my 2nd round today. Day 1. I sailed through the first one, (Aug 15), with no issues. I wasn't ready to re-introduce anything. I started with Zeal wellness drink. Then Pizza and store bought cake on Sept 23. Can you say sugar overload. I have been on a downward spiral since them.  I am going to take a much better approach this time. I almost feel like I wasted the first 30 days.

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