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Hypoglycemic-like reaction grain or sugar reintroduction

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Hi all! I'm going to bring this up with my doc next time I go, but Any insight here would be appreciated:


Yesterday was my grain reintroduction- I had a piece of Ezekiel toast in the am, bread in the afternoon, and pasta with dinner. I felt some bloating but nothing major and no other symptoms. Full disclosure: I also made the mistake of eating a small bar of non-dairy chocolate, which I'm pretty sure caused a pretty bad headache.

Today I went back to my Whole30 regimine but was noticeably shaky, weak, and empty only a few hours after breakfast and lunch. I felt a little better each time after eating a small snack.

I used to have this type of "spell" with increasing frequency leading up to my Whole30 (it was one of my motivating factors to try w30), but haven't had this problem in weeks. 

Is this a blood sugar reaction to the sugary candy bar or perhaps the wheat products I ate yesterday? Even though the effects came on the next day? Or is this a gluten sensitivity? Are those linked somehow? I also have autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's and RA)-- not sure if they could be a factor. 


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