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Recovering from a messed up matabolism (HCG)

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Hello friends!

   I just finished my first whole30 and I LOVED it. I only lost 4 lbs, but the better sleep, the lack of puff, and the enhanced energy made it so worth it.

   I am someone recovering from some binge eating habits. Thanks to whole30 and some antidepressants, it seems like forever since I've really struggled my way through that issue. I am an actor, and got very into using HCG drops to drop lbs quickly for roles. Over the course of a year and a half I dropped 40 lbs. I loved my body... but clearly it was not healthy. Because of the intense restriction I started binging afterwards and gained it ALL back plus some. And now I fear I'll never be able to lose weight in a healthy way again.

   I loved the whole30 lifestyle so I decided to adopt a mostly paleo diet post whole30. But now I feel puffy again. I started incorporating working out about 5 days a week and I feel like NOTHING is budging. It IS about weight now. I don't weigh myself, but I go by how my clothes fit. It's a part of my job and it's important. I don't want to mega restrict myself, but I'd love to make some small adjustments if I can't to help with the weight loss. I'm looking to lose 20 lbs. Has anyone else struggled with this?


how long did it take for your matabolism to reset?

are there any suggestions to adjust with foods I eat to encourage weight loss?

are workouts using body resistance and Zumba/yoga classes not enough? (I do mybroadwaybody.com)


thank you!

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