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Starting today, coming from IIFYM


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Hi all! I've done clean challenges through my gym before, so almost Whole30-esque, but never a real Whole30.  I've been counting my macros for almost a year now after being mostly paleo and I've lost weight, but lately I feel like I've been going over my numbers a lot, focused on what my scale says every morning.

I've thought about doing this for a few weeks now, and had convinced myself out of it, but I've been reading the Food Freedom Forever book, and it's like, I really don't want to do it, so I should.  What I mainly want to get out of it is to stop obsessing about numbers and thinking about this stuff all the time! ie FREEDOM!  IIFYM meant I could eat whatever I wanted, but in limited quantities, so I'll be interested to see how the opposite goes. I'm nervous, but that's why I should just shut up and do it right? 

I'm going to try to use the forum for support, thanks in advance to anyone else who is coming from a macro-counting POV and has advice! 

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