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Thai coconut soup - bitter tasting


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The one in the Whole 30 book.  I didn't zest the limes, I just halved them & dropped them in.  I also used mostly chicken broth.  I was a little short, so I made it up with vegetable broth.  Maybe the red pepper or parsnip was bad.  Who knows?

I'm just going to try it again tonight.

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I would guess it's the pith from the limes. I would zest the limes and then juice them if you like it extra limey. But don't throw a whole lime in....pith is bitter.

My favorite Tom Kha Gai (thai coconut soup) is this recipe from Food Renegade: http://www.foodrenegade.com/tom-kha-gai-thai-coconut-soup/ - it's Whole30 also.

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