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Susanleaf - 2nd whole 30 - start Oct 16


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First whole 30 ended Oct 5, 2016.  Reintroduction was foods I missed.  Sixteen days from the end of my first whole 30 and I am sliding into a food abyss.  Feeling loss of control.  I need a clean food plan right now.   Decided to do second whole 30.

Day 1:  Sunday Oct 16, 2016

07:00  Meal 1; fried egg and bacon

0930 Snack 1:  beef slice with mustard, apple slice and sunbutter and black coffee.

130:  Meal 2:  beef slices with mustard, cucumber slices, hard boiled egg with mayo, and apple slice with sunbutter.

0630:  Meal 3  beef, pepper, snow pea stir fry and potatoes.  Peaches.

Slight headache this am - probably detoxing from the crap I had on Friday night.  Slight headache yesterday as well. 

Irritable mood after work.  Felt stressed after work and even though I was not hungry, I felt I needed something to eat to comfort me or take the edge off.  Made green tea and fresh ginger. Tea was warm and comforting and I did find the ginger spicy.   It was good.  

Day 1 done.  

NSV:  pink t-shirt loose and grey scrubs loose and comfortable.   


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Day 2:  Monday 17, 2016

08:30  Meal 1:  left over beef stir fry and fried egg

1:30  Meal 2:  tomato soup, beef tips with mustard, snow peas, 1/2 hard boiled egg

0:600  Meal 3:  left over stir fry, peaches, and nuts

So much energy this morning!!!!

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