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How to Gain Weight?


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Hello! My boyfriend and I are on Day 15 of our first Whole30! So far, so good, except my boyfriend started this with me in hopes to achieve some of the non scale health benefits (i.e., more energy, less brain fog, hopefully fix some digestive issues and hopefully find out what foods he's sensitive to) since he's already blessed with a very active metabolism, he really can't afford to lose any weight. However, he's down 4 pounds and you can actually see the ribs on his back now...it's to the point where we're tempted to throw in the towel because it's just not healthy for him to lose anymore. I honestly want to throw him a box of cookies and force feed him until he starts to gain again! (Don't worry- I promise I won't do that!) A typical day looks like Breakfast: Eggs, fried potatoes and homemade apple sausage (sometimes with a banana and almond butter); Lunch: usually leftover dinners- could be chicken with potatoes and carrots, "taco" meat stuffed bell peppers with sweet potatoes, goulash or stew; Dinner: basically the same thing as lunch and will usually get a nice steak with cauliflower mashed potatoes and broccoli at least once/week. I know we're not supposed to snack a lot, but he does eat a lot throughout the day. He'll usually snack on fruits (bananas, apples or pears), veggies, sweet potato with tahini sauce, almonds, cashews or larabars. I feel like we get plenty of protein and carbs, but maybe I'm wrong? Also, he's slightly allergic to avocados so eating those for extra fat isn't really an option either. He'll hike anywhere from 4-10 miles once a week and his job can be physically demanding so he definitely does get some activity in but isn't really the cross fit or gym type. I know we're not supposed to weigh ourselves, but we decided to keep the scale for him just in case he drops to an unhealthy weight, which we're just about at....any advice?? :-) 

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