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Started October 7, 2017 - First week down!


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Hello Everyone! I didn't introduce myself before and finally realized after my first week of whole30 being accomplished I should probably get on that. So far so good. After 1 week I've already seen so many changes with my digestion, skin, and overall attitude. its insane to me how much of an impact that sugar dragon and my obsession with food had on me and my overall wellbeing. I knew that I did not feel 100% and I could be making healthier choices, but I never knew how certain foods were for sure having an impact on me. Obviously I have not entered the reintroduction phase yet, so I do not know exactly which foods those are, but I am so committed to finding out and not having those enter my diet in the future. This is the first program I've thought to myself that this could be life long and I would be absolutely OK with it because of how great I feel. Here is to another positive and successful week on the whole30, and to seeing more great changes!!!

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