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Feeling Like I'm Overeating

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I'm on day 14 of W30, and going into week three, I was feeling concerned about eating too little. I've prepped for this week but i'm feeling like I'm eating a little more than necessary. It's starting to feel hard to determine how much I should be eating considering my activity level. I do Crossfit 5-6 times per week with an occasional road and/or trail run thrown in. I also participate in weekend CrossFit competitions and races. Up to this point I've felt very hungry everyday and my workouts seemed to be suffering, to the point of getting light-headed. I've attempted to up my food intake this week. My prep includes:

Breakfast: Two thin slices sweet potato toast, 1/2 avocado, 1 boiled egg, about 2 cups roasted brussel sprouts with dates, 2 cups black coffee

Snack: Banana mid morning

Lunch: Chicken salad (about 2 cups worth, boiled, shredded) with W30 compliant mayo, green apples, green onion and red grapes on a bed of spinach, 1 cup cabbage/broccoli slaw with lemon oil (recipe from W30 book)

Pre-WO snack: 1/2 avocado, 1 boiled egg

Dinner: Sauteed zucchini noodles (1 1/2-2 cups) with pesto (recipe from W30 book) and sauteed shrimp (about 6), sweet potato wedges (4), sauteed spinach

Does this seem sufficient or too much for one day? I'm a 5'5 female weighing about 128 pounds if that makes a difference.

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Actually I don't think your eating nearly enough for your activity level.

A serving of eggs when they are your only source of protein  in a meal would be as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand - I can hold 4 when I'm hungry, and I'm smaller than you. Your breakfast is really light on protein here - add in more egg, some breakfast sausage, some ground meat or some fish to this dish and it will set you up better for the day & begate the need for that mid morning banana which is doing you absolutely no favours.

Lunch & preWO look better (although if you're not hungry for it I'd halve the volume of avocado), but dinner could do with more protein again unless those shrimp are huge.

You make no mention whatsoever of postWO food. Your body earns that fuel, and actually needs it for recovery & repair - it's no wonder your WOs are suffering & you're feeling light headed. Some lean protein after each WO, and some starchy carbs on days were your training sessions are heavier or you're competing and depleting your muscle glycogen stores would really, really help...

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