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Food Freedom Forever Reset

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First, I am incredibly grateful for this community.  I know this has been said a million times, but the Whole 30 has given me the tools to change my life and therefore my husband and baby's lives too.  It's still so amazing to me that so many people can connect online and share encouragement! 

My daughter was born a year ago, and this past year has been an intense effort to change my relationship with food to be an example to her.  Since March 2015, I have completed a W30, W40, and W30 with many one week and two week sessions thrown in where I didn't quite make it the entire 30 days.  Sadly, I have been a W30 yo-yo dieter. I'm either rockin' it with the strict rules or not on the W30 face first in a tub of ice cream with lots and lots of my own add ins. I am thankful to have just finished "Food Freedom Forever."  I am confident that the strategies I have learned from the book will allow me to carry out my wellness goals in a sustainable fashion.  

My question is: Do I need to do another W30 before embarking on the FFF plan? Melissa definitely stresses the reset as the first important step; however, I've done the W30 three full times now in a short period of time.  However, I will add that I have not successfully carried out the reintroduction phase without diving face first into that tub of ice cream.  So I am debating whether I need to make it super official and do a W30 or potentially W45,60, or 90 to really try once again to change my relationship with food.  Or, can I do a W7,10,15 as long as i'm feeling confident at the end so I can get this FFF plan rolling rather than hiding behind the W30 if that makes sense. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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19 minutes ago, TurningtheBeatAround said:

I will add that I have not successfully carried out the reintroduction phase without diving face first into that tub of ice cream

In order to develop your own long term eating plan you really need to carry out the reintroduction protocol so that you will know how certain foods will impact your health, your mood, and your subsequent food choices. It is, quite possibly, the most important part of the program IMHO and you really can only achieve this from a 'clean slate' stand point, regardless of how many compliant days you've had in the past, or how many Whole30's you've completed.

Thirty consecutive days plus reintro is what you need to use it as the learning tool that is was designed to be.

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