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So I was going on a 3 day music tour during Whole 30 so I brought a lot of food but had to eat in restaurants for dinner because all the band and others were eating there.  I called the restaurants and the first day was a success, had a chicken salad (saw the ingredient list for the chicken) and my own dressing.  The second day, it was a Thai restaurant and I called and they said that the yellow curry with vegetables was free of non-compliant foods.  However, I felt pretty weird after dinner, kind of sweaty like I get from soy so I assume there was soy although the waitress and the owner assured me there wasn't any.  Then I ate a couple scrambled eggs at a restaurant in the morning and they assured me that it was just eggs, but I could easily taste the dairy, be it butter or milk, in the eggs.  So I have to start over, which is fine I guess because I was intending to go on longer than 30 days.  But, do I really need to ask to see the ingredient list or how can I convince the restaurants to really check the list of what I don't want in my food?  I ended up heating up my compliant soup for the last dinner and just eating it at the table.  But it was really too late.

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