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Is ham compliant?  I didn't see it on the shopping list so searched the forum.  I also did a word search in the Kindle books.  There is absolutely no reference to ham.  So, I tweeted the question last week, and no one has responded.  (I heard an interview with Melissa who said we can contact Whole30 on any of the social media and someone monitors the sites every day; so I thought it was worth a try to ask there.)  Anyway, I'd love to get the scoop on ham.  Is it just the same as otherpork?  There is so much discussion on bacon, I'm surprised there is absolutely no word whatsoever on ham.

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Google Whole 30 Ham, there's oodles of them. Just click on those blue links below and it will pull each thread right up for you.


Ham? - Can I have ___? - Whole30

Sep 13, 2012 - I know I need to look for non-approved ingredients but is it allowed? ... Every ham I ever looked at was cured with sugar. ... But it's proscuitto/parma ham, not spiral-sliced type.
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