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I CAN do this.

Amanda Monnich

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I started my whole 30 journey yesterday, Oct 17 and I am SO excited to see that I have in store. I know it will be hard, but I also know that it will be worth it. Sugar has been my enemy ever since I got home from my honeymoon in May. So here we are. I hope to become healthier, have more energy and if I lose some inches/pounds, that'll be great!

Day 1 (10/17/16)

1. Spinach Fritatta (SO FREAKING GOOD)

2. Protein Salad

3. Zoodles with turkey meat and sauce

*I had a headache (from caffeine withdrawl most likely so I took some medicine for that.

Day 2 (10/18/16)

1. Spinach Fritatta

2. Protein Salad

3. Steak roasted potatoes and green cabbage slaw (will make later today)


**I'm adding shakeology in because it's a staple in my nutrition. 

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